The Sanctuary is a group of Believers focused on L.I.F.E:
L.- Love God and your neighbor (The Greatest Commandment. - Matthew 22:37)
I. Instruction (Study to show yourself approved of God. - II Timothy 2:15)
F.- Fellowship (The early church was devoted to teaching, fellowship, and prayer. - Acts 2:42)
E.- Evangelism (The Great Commission: Make disciples! - Matthew 28:19)

The Sanctuary is part of the House Church movement. 

Our number one reason for having a church is to:

LOVE and honor God, with our whole heart, mind, and strength!

Number two reason: INSTRUCTION.

To equip the Family of God with the Truth of God's Word! 

Number three reason: FELLOWSHIP. 

We get together every Sunday morning (11:00)

for Worship, Bible Study, and a free Fellowship Meal!

And number four: EVANGELISM (sharing the Gospel)!

All four ingredients are essential for a successful Christian life.

So come and join us, as we focus on L.I.F.E!

Elder Brian and Sister Stacy